Highlights from the July Courier



                                    Vacation time is here and many of us will be gone one or more Sundays during the summer.  Vacations are good for us, and we hope everyone will have a chance to get away for at least a few days. A vacation is a time for rest and relaxation – don’t mar yours with a highway accident that could be avoided. A vacation is a time for rethinking the purpose and meaning of life. Don’t mar yours by doing something contrary to your Christian principles. A vacation is a time to forget worry and tension – but don’t multiply your problems by spending more than you can afford. And that brings us to the subject of church offerings during the summer. As you know, church expenses are the same the year around. For this reason will you be sure to give your regular offerings during the Summer months even though you may be away some of the time? If you are like most of us, you will find it much easier to make your offerings before your trip instead of after. If you wait until you get home you may find you have spent your tithe on your trip. Some of our people drop in an extra envelope before they leave. Others send their envelopes with a neighbor, and some mail it. Have a great summer. 

An old Indian was teaching stewardship. He was asked how many in his church were tithers. He responded by saying that every member in his church were tithers. He was then asked how they had come to be tithers and all gave to the church. The answer startled everyone. The old Indian’s reply was the simplest, shortest, and yet the most forceful sermon that was ever heard on tithing. Here is that statement… “THE BIBLE TEACHES TITHING, INDIAN BELIEVES THE BIBLE.”  That’s it…nothing more, no arguing. No bickering. No figuring out how to get from under the responsibility. Just a simple statement. I leave it with you. May God help us believe the Bible.




Hello all! We (the Youth and Leaders) just came back from a wonderful week of Camp Anderson. Many decisions were made, and many fun times were had. With that, we are looking forward to a great summer of activities together. I urge you to stay connected to the youth through either church announcements, talking to me, or even going online to our Facebook page where we will be putting up reminders as to upcoming events! One such reminder is that when we have a Wednesday night off campus activity, we will be leaving the church at 5:30 PM. Please pray for our youth that we may continue to move forward in the way that God wants us to!

-Nic Waddell



Thank you is not efficient enough words to express the gratitude we have for the amazing church family of G’Street!  This year’s Vacation Bible School took on a whole new look by being held in the evening.  Thank you for your support of our staff and ministry as we made such a change.  Many children and adults were able to participate and many made decisions to follow Christ.  My challenge to you is that you would continue praying for the children in our ministry and their families.  The month of July is packed full of activity, but most importantly opportunities to lead  the children to grow stronger in their relationship with Christ.  Pray for our 3rd-5th graders who will be attending CentriKid July 6-10.  It’s an exciting time for them, but most importantly, a time where worship and Bible study is geared in a way that can captivate their hearts.  We look forward to telling you all about it!  We are so blessed by your support, encouragement and most importantly your prayers.


– Bevin Plash



Our next Men’s Lunch will occur on Wednesday, July 8, at 11:30 a.m. in the Youth Room.  Our guest speaker is Roger E. Wehner who is the Executive Director of the Mobile Airport Authority.  Please invite some unchurched men to attend with you.  Steve Vickery, Jay Denbow, Cathy Alexander, and Brooks Alexander will go on a one-week mission trip to New Orleans from July 12 – 18.  Your prayers will be appreciated. 

   Our schedule for Sunday nights for July is as follows:

July 5 – 12:00 Noon   Cookout and swimming at Camp Christian (bring sides)

July 12 – 5:30 PM         Report from CentriKid Camp

July 19 – 5:30 PM         Report from New Orleans Mission Trip

July 26 –  5:30 PM         Music Service

– Brooks Alexander


  Women’s Ministry

We are looking at numerous options for the coming year as we seek  God’s direction in ministry to GSBC and our community.  We will be having a luncheon for our GSBC ladies and girls October 24. Please make plans to be with us for this wonderful time.  Also, we are planning an overnight retreat to be announced at a later date.   The Spa/Luncheon for homeless and displaced women will be in the Spring of 2016…date to be announced…again…only postponed…not cancelled!! If you have purchased any items or spoken to any  donor, please retain that contact for that time.  

Stay Tuned

-Melba Brown   


 Camp Christian

      We want welcome Matt and Tara Armbruster and family to Camp Christian.  Matt operates the Ransom Café ministry in Mobile. He will be sharing his testimony during the July 1 Wednesday prayer meeting.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the Ransom Café ministry. While Matt is with us he will assist us with the camp facilities upkeep.

   We are looking forward to our Sunday afternoon, July 5th Luncheon after the morning worship. This will be an afternoon of fellowshipping and fun. Please bring your favorite side dish and/or a homemade dessert.  The church will provide hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone! So join us and bring a neighbor or friend…. There is always room for one more at the Camp!  Please be in prayer as we continue to grow the ministry at Camp Christian! And as always, thank you for your continued support.

– Debbie Riel

Thank You’s

Thank you for the cards, visits, food, and prayers, while James was in the hospital. Please continue to pray for us. It’s wonderful to have Christian friends who care.

    – James and Barbara Smith


   We want to thank everyone for their prayers, calls, cards, and visits during our recent medical problems. First Tom in November and Jean in May. We are so blessed to have our “church family” there for us. God bless everyone.

   -Tom and Jean Perigo

Sympathy to

Mrs. Donna McLain in the loss of her      brother, Mr. Jerry Baxley.

Ms. Elaine Johnson, Ms. Amy Folsom,      and Mr. Rocky Folsom in the loss of      their mother, Mrs. Olive Folsom.

Mr. Larry Emmons in the loss of his        mother, Mrs. Jean Emmons.

Mrs. Louise Kingcade in the loss of her    nephew, Mr. David Howell.

Mrs. Diane Parker and family in the        loss of her father, Mr.                
   Roland Stidham.


New Members

By Baptism:


Mr. Braxton Loper

Miss Meredith Smith

Mr. Tate Graham

Mr. James Havranek

Miss Starlet Loper

Ms. Carolyn Scott

Miss Cherelle Scott-Harris

Miss Corina Scott-Harris

By Letter:

Mr. Zackary O’Neal

Mrs. Hayley O’Neal

Mr. Jonathan Clark